Food Day is Transforming the Sustainable Food Movement in the United States

Food Day on October 24, 2015 is the annual campaign to create a more sustainable food system in the United States based on the philosophy that “Food should be healthy, affordable, and produced with care for the animals, environment, and people who serve, produce and harvest it.”

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Transform Your Real World Project Management Skills

We all use project management skills every day, at work, school and home. If you have coordinated a group of people over a period of time to achieve a common goal, then you have acted as a project manager.

After twenty years of experience I have seen plenty of training designed for experts, but a shortage of practical advice on how to do project management well every day. There is no shortage of myths, however.

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Now is Our Chance to Transform Food Safety Culture

In 2011 food safety in the United States was ready for transformation. In a nation where 48 million people get sick and 3,000 die each year from foodborne illnesses, a series of product recalls had raised public awareness and drove enough political courage to pass comprehensive food safety reform legislationwith this bold introduction:

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Transforming Food Waste and Hunger

The Food Waste-Hunger Paradox

In the United States each year we waste 133 billion pounds of food while 48 million people face hunger, including 15 million children, according to Feeding America and the US Department of Agriculture. So we are wasting 31% of our food while 15% of our population is hungry. This is a worldwide problem which is even more severe in developing countries.

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